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Fort Myers FL Gold Buyers

Scrap Gold Buyer in Fort Myers Florida

Serving the Entire United States

We have many great customers in Fort Myers Florida, and we always make it a priority to be the best scrap gold buyer in Fort Myers, and the rest of the United States. If you want to sell your scrap gold or other precious metals in Fort Myers, we can buy your gold, and we always pay the best and have great customer service and a fast turnaround on payment.


4471 Forest Ave.
Waterford, Michigan 48328

For security reasons, we are not open for walk in traffic.
All precious metals must be shipped to us.

Midwest Refineries, LLC BBB Business Review

We’re a trusted scrap gold buyer and precious metals buyer serving Fort Myers and all of the USA!

What we pay for gold jewelry: Smelters and refiners that claim to pay 98% or 99% for your gold jewelry and other precious metals also charge refining fees, assay fees, treatment charges, brokering fees, inbound troy ounce weight fees, handling fees and other fees. Nobody can operate a business on 1% or 2%.

Here are the reasons why we’re a top Scrap Gold Buyer serving Fort Myers FL

  • Midwest Refineries has NO fees or charges period!
  • Midwest Refineries pays 95% of the amount of pure gold contained in your order.
  • Gold orders under 3 troy ounces are purchased outright, based on average after melt weight loss and karat purity.
  • Gold orders of 3 troy ounces or more are melted and assayed to determine exact gold content.
  • You receive 100% of the market or spot price on the day your order is completed and ready for settlement.
  • All gold-filled material purchased outright at 15% of the spot price PER POUND.
  • No magnetic gold-filled accepted.
  • No gold-filled with stainless steel accepted.

If you’re in Fort Myers Florida, or anywhere in the USA, and you’re looking for a scrap gold buyer, then Midwest Refineries should be your first call, but please note that Midwest Refineries does not accept gold-plated material or gold electronic scrap.

We buy gold and other precious metal items listed below from customers in Fort Myers FL and the rest of the USA. If you’re searching online for “gold buyers near me”, or even the “best place to sell scrap gold near me”, then Midwest Refineries is what you’ve been searching for.

  • gold wire
  • gold dust and sweeps
  • gold sheet,
  • casting gold and grain
  • gold watches
  • broken and unwanted gold scrap
  • gold nuggets
  • gold solder
  • gold sizing stock
  • gold alloys
  • gold sheet
  • gold screen and mesh
  • polishing and buffing dust
  • goldsmith’s bench filings and sweeps
  • gold-filled scrap
  • gold bullion
  • placer gold
  • gold sponge
  • gold shot
  • gold findings
  • gold flake
  • karat gold jewelry
  • gold class rings
  • gold bracelets
  • gold chain
  • gold earrings
  • gold wedding bands
  • gold dental crowns and bridgework
  • gold coins and bars
  • gold ingots
  • melted gold

No Minimum Amounts – No Order Too Small Or Too Large


ATOMIC WEIGHT – 196.96655 – MELTING POINT – 1064.18 DEGREES C. / 1947.52 DEGREES F.

We try to be the best scrap gold buyer serving Fort Myers Florida & the entire USA.

Midwest Refineries | scrap gold buyers and refiners
We buy 18 Kt. Gold Jewelry

Here is what the numbers on your Gold mean?

The numbers on your gold jewelry stand for the karat content of the gold or the purity of the gold item. Here’s the specs: 10K = 41.7% pure gold, 12K = 50% pure gold, 14K = 58.3% pure gold, 18K = 75% pure gold, 24K = 99.9% pure gold. If you have questions about your gold’s purity, give us a call.

Scrap Gold Prep & Shipping Info from Fort Myers FL

  • It is not necessary to remove any enamel or cement from dental gold scrap. Serious injury can result. These materials are vaporized during the melting process or we have the equipment to remove them.
  • We do not retrieve gemstones from scrap gold. If any stones have value to you, remove them before shipping in scrap.
  • It is not necessary to remove any unwanted stones from Karat gold jewelry scrap as they are vaporized in the melting process.

Settlement Options for your Scrap Gold Metals, and other precious metals:

  1. Check
  2. Bank wire ($35 domestic fee, $60 international fee)
  3. Gold, silver and platinum bars, coins and rounds. Call for availability and pricing.
  4. Combinations of 1 through 3

It’s amazing how much scrap gold people have in Fort Myers Florida just lying around that they never wear and should sell. The money they could receive from selling broken or unwanted gold items could be spent on many great things in Fort Myers.

Many gold scrappers in Fort Myers FL find lost scrap gold in some of the strangest places in Fort Myers. Whatever scrap gold you have we can buy it from you, other than a few excluded items.

Ship your scrap gold findings or unwanted gold to Midwest Refineries for prompt purchase. No amount is too small or too large.

We’re the only Fort Myers scrap gold buyers and refiners in the USA you will ever need! Have other precious metals to sell? Give us a call. We buy Silver and Platinum items too!

Fort Myers Florida Reviews

Midwest Refineries Scrap Gold Jewelry Buyers Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 79 customer reviews

Good to deal with

Midwest Refineries & Gold Buyers in Fort Myers:

They have the nicest people at their office. Everyone is always professional, and the really pay well for gold scrap.

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Overall Service Experience 5 / 5
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Midwest Refineries Fort Myers, FL Scrap Gold Jewelry Buyers

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